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The Game 

8BitMMO is a 2D java-based open world sandbox game released in 2012, and solely developed by Sim9 (Robby Zinchak, Former producer at Microsoft) since 2001.

You can build your own house, or establish a new town, working alone or co-operatively on grand designs. You can engage in PvP, recruit an army, or destroy the enemies that threaten the land. Anything is possible in this 100% player-built world!

So please feel free to contribute your ideas and opinions! We are a growing community working with Sim9 to do the best we can to make his game one of the best MMOs you can play on the internet!

The Wiki

This wiki was created not only to serve as a helpful reference guide, but also as a cache of in-game information regarding towns, fan fiction, and the players within the community. We fully expect this game to become popular, and the mods can only answer so many questions in so short a time. The goal of this wiki is to provide players with the resources they require, fully available any time they require it.

Do remember this wiki is open to everyone and anyone can jump in and edit. However, also realize we want to give accurate information so you should always strive to make sure your contributions are not only relevant, but actually contribute to the article in question; either to fix a typo, correct faulty information, or to add more if something is missing. Also, if you edit or add onto an article, remember to put your changes in the "Edit Summary" box so we know what was changed.

We would also like you to be made aware that there is a fan fiction group on this wiki. Granted it is in the early stages, but we still strive to add to the game through stories and head canon. If you wish to try your skills at writing, we will take what you offer. However, do remember we have a large number of younger players, so we ask that you please keep your content to PG-13 at the most. Also, if you want feedback regarding your fan fiction, just be ready and be open to constructive criticism. We all want to improve as writers. That's part of why the fan fiction community was created on this wiki.

Overall we hope you find the wiki a helpful and entertaining supplement while you play 8bitMMO. We shall do our best to provide you with helpful information.

~The 8bitMMO Wiki staff  



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