Boboloso VIIII (who goes by "Bobo") is a very generous, naive, and bored Bitizen! He also owns a charming town in his Pocket Universe. He is a fairly active player, always helping others (especially knightcrayon, irondude, and noobs, except that sometimes he gets frustrated, like the time when he spent 30 minutes teaching a noob how to split gold). He is easy to become friends with, and is always spending his gold, usually on some platinum item or a KJH series Rainbow Egg. He usually wears a Breaking Bit, a Track Suit, and Fallen Angel Wings, or a Pimp Suit and a Grass Hat. Bobo is currently inactive, and has been for, like, a year.

Boboloso VIIII
Placeholder person
Is NOT Boboloso VIIII
In-game statistics
Gender Male
Specialization Talking
Skills Spending Money, PVP
Favorite city Crayon City, irondude, 679, minitown
Join date 12/13/15
Personal info
Real name is not Bob. Initials are rumored to be CT.
Location Somewhere in a Conneticut far, far away...
Birthday 10/8/2003
Additional info is owed 1k by Jking39, loves chicken, and helps people.