Grassphoria townstone

Grasstopia's Townstone Area.

District 1 is the first ever town built by scratso, and is the first district of the Scoot Empire. It was founded by Scratso.


  1.  Troy
  2. Sadface
  3. Dashinators Armybase .
  4. New Eden .
  5. Industrial Zone
  6. Coyoterion .
  7. KittyVenia.
  8. Dedicated Protectors

War History:Edit

District 1 has not encountered any wars yet.

Nearest towns:Edit

  1. KittyVenia
  2. Root
  3. Reaper Tower
  4. Reaper City .

Name History:Edit

  1. SnowVille
  2. Pheonix
  3. CF Barracks
  4. SnowVille
  5. Grassphoria
  6. Grasstopia
  7. District 1

Scratso (talk) 15:57, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

Amazing Buildings in SnowVille:Edit

  1. MarcIanD's Altar to me.

    MarcIanD's altar reads: scratso's altar dedicated to scratso.

    Thank You MarcIanD for the altar.

Zloc6's snowman!2

2. Look at zloc6's amazing snowman.

Amazing Buildings in District 1:Edit

  1. ALTAR

    Zloc6's Epic Altar to me! Thanks zloc.

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