Formerly known as doodleman169
In-game statistics
Gender Male
Specialization Sword Vs. Gun
Skills Building & Hiding
Favorite city Violet City
Join date As doodleman169 I joined in 2012; I registered shortly after Montemayor
Personal info
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Hello, my name is doodleman. Not much on this page.... not quite sure what to write, but I am currently working on Violet City from Gold/Silver.

"It always takes 8 hours for me, no matter the size of the glitch block art."


Houses Edit

Doodleman April22,2012-v3

Photo of my house (left one) from April 18, 2012.


Photo of doodleman&Montemayor Complex from January 5, 2015

doodleman&Montemayor Shared Complex Edit

My house is the one on the left in the Complex. This is now located in the town known as "WildHouses" by retsejnomis. The house on the right was built by Montemayor in 2012. After I joined we built the wall surrounding the houses when we had enough money. A wild coin was found behind Montemayor's wall on January 25, 2015 although he accidentally picked it up when trying to remove block underneath it.

The Complex is located South-East of the "New Housing Development".

Travel Directions: Root > Origin > New Housing Development


My house in Nowhere.

House in Nowhere Edit

This house was built on January 30, 2015. Inside you can find a TV, a make-shift bookshelf, a bed, and a floppy disk. Instead of a traditional flat roof I tried to experiment by adding a second layer with glass in the center. The outer wall consists of a chair with a stone block on top.

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