8bitmmo's form of "santa claus" who gives out presents during bitmas.

By using the linkpad in root, around christmas


Opening bitmas presents


The town which draco the archiclause gave out presents

time, one could receive a gift from "dracoclaus", which contained a random platinum, or rare item. Including wildepads and "water".

His gifts were the base of the mysterybox items.

Note: When attempting to open presents before bitmas, it would tell you how long until bitmas.

Nobody is sure whether draco the archiclaus is draco the architect in disguise, or one of his relatives.

Appearance: Like draco the architect, but with a santa hat on.

The town which draco the archiclause gave out presents can be accessed by going to /tele bitmas then using the yellow telepad however there is a sign saying: draco the archiclause has flown away to the north pole.

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