Edge. Founded By: Simmonds.


Simmonds (Mayor),



dashiel, Sunare, oSFKoNinjas, Chaos, Porping, Aster11345, SapphireCoyote, mattie0, stevencry, danidada,

piselplayer2, kboy101, 9Storm, Kamaitachi, powerflower, Nibrudly, sotozuki, Sim9, ElDromedario, DerangedCoffee,

Ugkxninja, MistFuror, pikachu789, Kjh787


Edge is also the secret location of the edge blade which madman2002 wields. During 2015 sapphirecoyote invited madman2002 to edge and madman2002 found and picked up the edge blade. Edge also has some wildgrass hidden in it owned by simmonds.

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