The Encyclopedia 8Bitia is a Gem-Crusted Book with ancient text writing decendant of Nibrudly's famous first language "Pargoyt". It records anything that is significant to the history of 8BitMMO and can only be read by serveral people, such as LegoBox. Legend tells of 2 people, one of them being the Guardian of the Book, while the other being the one wanting to destroy it.

History of it's GuardianEdit


The first guardian of the book and it's creator, most of it's power is thanks to Nibrudly.


After Nibrudly's untimely death, Sim9 was given the book to protect it from any harm.


Unlike how Sim9 was given the book, LegoBox was chosen by the book itself. LegoBox is the current guardian of the book and has knowledge of the scripts of it.

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