Screenshotting with a friend

erijon3 (lower case 'e') is a player who joined 8bitMMO the 31st january 201X. erijon3 is wellknown for selling platinum-items for a low prize. He is also wellknown for previously having a toxic behavior against a lot of people and for previously trolling, and previously scamming. Keyword: previously. erijon3 is wellknown for being good at doorspleef, atleast once for a limited time he was known for that. erijon3 is a player that, during the time he played, most people knew about. Although, it would be wrong to say he's famous.

erijon3, the name, origins from erijon3's first name being Erik and last name Jönsson. And therefor when he was to use computers in school they took the first three letters in each of his names and put them togheter. The '3' is most likely there because of there probably being two erijon's before him.

erijon3 lives in Sweden.

erijon3 was born the 24th of september 2001.

erijon3 is no longer a complete idiot, even though he can be stupid from times to times.

Sometime in late 2015, or early 2016, I think it was; erijon3 and he's ip-adress was banned, the reason being: Admin impersonation, and the ban lasting until the 25th october 2042 clock: 15:53:33. At once an amount of time after that (probably several months) he noticed that his IP-adress wasn't banned anymore (but erijon3 still was). So he made another account called "Tiramisu" which after a (pretty short) while also got banned along with the new IP-adress that probably changed because of reasons. Another amount of time after that (probably several months) in August 2016 erijon3 went onto IRC and had a calm chat with the people there and as of 18/8 2016 it might look like he soon will finally be unbanned.

erijon3's account is linked to his steam account and he has gotten ALL achivements for steam.

Please, don't rely too seriously on the dates in this page, they are very unsure and who knows maybe they're all wrong? erijon3's time perspective is poor because of all this impressions he recieves and it's hard to remember WHEN something happend. Wouldn't you agree to that?

As of September 2016 erijon3 is unbanned, and it's going to stay that way.

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