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Error 404 Town Not Found 5. By PsychoticSmiley.

Part of the Error Town network.

This town is the major hub linked in Root. (spawn)

The town's major features include:

1. Telepad to the Dungeon!

Dungeon telepad skull keep error town 5

2. Multiple Telepads to other towns.

3. Telepad linking to Origin, Root, Rehabilitation (where the Error Town Network is located), Grim's Northern

Telepad buildings error town 5

4. Sprites!!! (Final Fantasy III characters: Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage, Theif, Fighter, and BlackBelt.)

Final fantasy sprites in error town 5

5.More Sprites! (MegaMan, and the Fruit F-er 2000 from

Megaman in error town 5

The fruit f-er in error town 5

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