Game Reviewers
The Gamer Reviewer's two sprites


Game Reviewer


A white body with a white hat.

Attack Damage:


Natural Habitat:

Game Reviewers can typically be found around spawners, such as in dungeons and player built experience farms. Rarely, however, Game Reviewers can be seen in the Wilderness naturally, particularly the =66 Wilderness Verified


6 Gold & ? XP

Health Points:



Game Reviewer Spawner

 Game Reviewers are the dead corpses of  unknown players over time. When the dead corpses started to stack, Sim9 and other experimentors decided to condense the players into blocks. But when that failed, an outbreak of a modulated and modified strain of Zombie Virus attacked the corpses. It turned them into the near perfect sub-humans called "Game Reviewers". They despised Humans eversince and are always dangerous to face without a weapon. 

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