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Knightcrayon Edit

Background Edit

Knightcrayon's life in 8BitMMO begun when he had stumbled upon it on Steam in December 2014. Many people didn't care much about him in his firsrt few days. In early 2015, He and his friend Mendoza504 (Inactive) started their very own Pocket-Town called CrayonTropolis.

CrayonTropolis Edit

CrayonTropolis, is surprisingly, still around today. After Knightcrayon had started his new town, CrayonTropolis was a graveyard of a town. He established it into a small area for his and a few other's houses. In 2016, it was repurposed as the new minigames hub (/tele knight) That ends the story of CrayonTropolis!

Crayon City (/tele crayon) Edit

Crayon City was founded in 2015 by Knightcrayon and MarbelZ. it has changed a lot since it was founded. Once again, none of its original building stand. Now, Crayon City is home to a pub and museum, both built by Knightcrayon himself, and plots. It once housed Knightcrayon's shop, Platmart, which has been relocated.

Platmart (/tele platmart) (2016) Edit

Platmart is one of the last few running shops in 8BitMMO! (2016) It also has the best prices, and is located in the town, Platmart. Platmart (town) is owned by Knightcrayon and is home to his house (in progress.)

Placeholder person
^^^^ Not Knightcrayon ^^^^
In-game statistics
Gender Male
Specialization Spending All His Money
Skills Building
Favorite city Crayon City, irondude
Join date 12/?/2014
Personal info
Real name None Of Your Buisness...
Location United States
Birthday 8/29
Additional info Likes Trains...

Some Of His Rare Items Edit

  • "Water" or Beer
  • Meep (techniquely it is iron's but he uses it)
  • Wild Grass
  • FIre Egg
  • Earth Egg
  • Water Egg
  • WInd Egg (sold to him for 750g by Boboloso VIIII)
  • Wing Box
  • Robe Box

Note: Knightcrayon is NOT inactive, but is not on daily.

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