Lactopolis Edit

Lactopolis is a somewhat new town run by Mayor gotmilk575 (a.k.a. Milk) and has a peaceful atmosphere, with tons of interesting buildings and designs in and outside of its borders. Milk is always looking for new citizens (level 4 and above) to join. It is set in the middle of the ocean just above Marbington, a town run by Marbelz.

Lactopolis is a frequently growing town with friendly executives cheap plots. If your'e ever in-game, level 4 or higher, and need a home and/or friends, contact the mayor by saying "gotmilk". The mayor also sometimes sells plat items for cheap prices, so be on the lookout! In Lactopolis, you are permitted to own more than one plot, and even connect them! Any questions? See the FAQ below.

FAQ Edit

~Q: How many plots max can I own at once? A: You are allowed up to 4                      ~Q: What are the rules? A: Be kind to your neighbors, and build only on your plot  ~Q: How can I help the town grow? A: Frequently donating any amount of gold        ~Q: Could I build a town landmark (fountain, statue, ect.)? A: Yes, if permitted                 ~Q: How can I become an official? A: The Mayor needs to have known you for a while

Lactopolis has a "tele hub" where other mayors can place link pads connected to their towns so citizens can check out their places as well. If you want to place one, get a set of link pads, hand one to the mayor and announce that you ant to connect towns.

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