This page is dedicated to bitians that are not famous, but are recognizable none the less.

1. Nascarlaser1


Nascarlaser1 in root!

Nascarlaser1 is a fun and lovable person. He is always ready to help the community, and he is always helpful when he can be. After joining in December 11 2014, He quickly grew a reputation of trying to build things, failing at it, and having a slight temper whenever someone made fun of him. He would often get into heated arguments when someone made fun of him, and going as far as doing property damage to said person. After nearly being banned, Nascarlaser1 decided on a more passive way of revenge, and created THE LIST. On this list is everyone who ever made an enemy of nascarlaser1, and those on this list are people who he refuses to ever speak to again. He is now a happy person, always full of energy, and always ready to lend a helping hand! Nascarlaser1 has gone on a possibly permanent Hiatus from 8bitmmo as of 2/10/16. (I still cant decide if it will be permanent :P).

2. Irondude


irondude at /tele ric!

Irondude is a fun person. He owns an item store at /tele dreamtown, along with multiple towns. Know list of towns: /tele cruise, gamerrama, /tele dreamtown. Irondude helps people build structures, along with helping out new players.

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