Root. Founded By: Sim9

Features: The newest spawn point changed from Origin in August 2012.

Combatpad added (grey pad) with release of transponders.

Player vs Player Arenas (Left):

  1. Spidearena (Normal PvP) - Sim9
  2. Team vs team arena - Betaruler
  3. The Killing Fields (PvP Bounty Arena) - PsychoticSmiley

Dungeons (Top):

  1.  The Law Offices of LOL & LOL, Inc. - Sim9
  2. Underground Hipsters being Underground - PsychoticSmiley
  3.  The decaying remains of the video game paper magazine industry - PsychoticSmiley

Telepads (Right):

  1. Wildepad
  2. Origin - Sim9
  3. Bastion - Kjh787
  4. Error 404 Town not Found 5 - PsychoticSmiley.
  5. Northern Hub - Grim Master Death.
  6. Area 51 - Trololo

Modern Root

8-24-2012 6-31-51 PM

Recent Test, Bots running amok!

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