Story 1: The Mask of Misery...

Date: 1/6/XX

There goes a rumor, a rumor of age. It has been around for quite a long time. 

In the early days of Termine's construction, the owner of the island, Starmanfan supposedly had built a secret society underground known as the "Stem". They had a bunch of secret projects and tests that affected the town, but no one seemed to notice. The first, and most famous test, however, was the legendary Mask Of Misery. This mask was said to made from all of the sadness, regret, and hatred that Starmanfan had. The legend also states that the wearer will gain the power of Starmanfan, but would be blinded by all of his emotions, and would be sent on an endless rampage... Of course, with all famous legends, there were people who wanted to prove it to be true. A user named "Aceshock" made the worst mistake of his life, but he always chose to stick his 8bit-face where it didn't belong. He thought he would become a legend and a hero.

He was stumbling all over the walls of "Major Termine Island's" Capital city, "Central Major Termine", but then he crashed into a pixel art of Starmanfan. His eye had been out of place, and so being the good user he thought he was, pushed it into place. The grass below him had disappeared into thin air. With an unfortunate plummet, he landed on purple carpet. Nearby, he saw yellow tiles arranged to make the symbol of the fabled "Stem"! The Star with the eye of truth. Nearby, he saw something hanging on the wall. It said: "DO NOT TOUCH THIS EVER UNLESS YOU WANT THIS ISLAND AND ALL OF ITS RESIDENTS TO BE AT RISK OF DESTRUCTION! ITS POWER WILL CORRUPT ALL WHO SEEK". It looked like it must have been the mask of misery. Aceshock, being the "amazing wonderful hero" he thought he was, decided to finally claim his right as a legend. When he touched it, he heard voices in his head. "THIS IS THE END" "THERE IS NO GOING BACK" and "TRUE TERROR AWAITS". Then as he brought it to his face, he heard the same message as he saw on the wall. "ITS POWER WILL CORRUPT ALL WHO SEEK". He ignored it. He had come too far.

As soon as the mask went on, he felt a burning sensation. "W- WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!" He screamed as his body started to mutate. No one was there to hear nor help, as "Stem", according to another legend, had vanished long long ago. He soon outgrew the base, and emerged out of the ground. People were fleeing. They had tried taking all of what they loved, and ran for the bridge. Aceshock wasn't Aceshock anymore. He had been blinded, just as the legend foretold. He had a frenzy of rage-fueled crushings, but then as things looked bleak, a miracle happened. Starmanfan, the founder of the nation, had not forgotten about the land he truly cared for. even after his vanishing, had come back as the townstone's essence and as the guardian of all who live under the loved land. He was incredibly powerful, much more than Aceshock's mutated form, and could easily get rid of him. The Mask exploded up into the sky, seemingly gone for good. As for Aceshock, he was banished away, deep, deep, deep undersea in =66(even below Z-axis = 0), forever in slumber, never to return... Looks like he finally got his "legendary" status.

Soon after, Residents had lost their memory of the incident, due to the townstone's protection for them, as knowing too much could cause too many problems. There is only one person who remembers, and that's me. My name is not important, but what is that this was real, and should something happen to me, this will keep the true story from seeing daylight once more.

Until next time...


Story 2: Termine's Secret Society

Date: 3/2/XX

It has come to my attention that I should expand more on the legend of "stem". And I shall do so.

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