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  • Setk

    Setk's Journal - Day 4

    February 13, 2015 by Setk

    Man, I need to farm more gold!

    I can't seem to hold onto more than 15k at a time.

    Too much buying stuff in /tele platinum I guess...

    In other news, I managed to use a mysterybox to get another dire in my farm. That means more gold :P

    I also managed to get the maximum gold for 1 cycle!

    Did more trading and got some nice items today too.

    More buildings in spectrum.. Not too much happened.

    Also kjh stopped doing games to win his hat, and I never got one :( BUT apparently kjh was asking for me, while I was afk. This could mean anything, maybe even him giving me a hat!

    Tomorrow is Valentine's day.. I wonder what's gonna happen?

    Well until tomorrow,


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  • Setk

    Setk's Journal - Day 3

    February 12, 2015 by Setk

    Ok. Technically, this has been over 3 days.. let's just imagine it's only 1 day :P

    So I got marbelz while he was building something for me. He didn't even KNOW he was a target. Talk about bad leadership, not telling your clan that you were having a war!

    Meanwhile, sapph got bumchin, so now only Kalaris and Terranova are left.

    Kalaris tried to get me by having me porter7 tell me to do /towntele porter7 which was actually cats creed's base in disguise... They didn't get me! Kalaris forgot to remove me as a citizen... big mistake >:)

    I spiked his townstone muhahahaha! Sapph went and removed it later though lol

    Meanwhile, there has been some more progress in spectrum. It's really starting to look nice.

    I wonder how long it will be before it is finis…

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  • Setk

    Setk's Journal - Day 2

    February 9, 2015 by Setk

    I guess I didn't accomplish much today... but I farmed quite a bit of gold!

    Hmm today really just went by fast.

    Also, the regius sapphirus vs. cats creed war started today, so I'm prepared with weapons, chicken, and steak.

    I gotta keep on my toes, and avoid ambushes and enemy controlled towns.

    Sapph crossed Doodleman off the list, which leaves Marbelz, Bumchin, TerraNova, and the leader Kalaris still to be killed.

    I got a free day tommorow, let's see if I can get one of em.

    Let's hope for good things tommorow ~setk~

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  • Setk

    Setk's Journal - Day 1

    February 7, 2015 by Setk

    Well, I decided I am going to start writing an 8bitmmo journal here on the wiki. I doubt anyone will read this, but I will one day look back through it, and see what I have accomplished. This journal is not starting at the beginning of when I joined.... that's way too freakin long ago to remember lol. It will be me typing what's going on throughout the day ;P

    Anyways, today I have started out with some wiki edits, assisted by pikachu789. We have been trying to add some more items. Other than that, I am going to work on my newest project "project spectrum". I got some good work on it done yesterday... But it's so expensive. Maybe I can convince some people to donate at /tele spectrum. I need to try and get some people to help me build too...…

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