Two partial forms of vs97
In-game statistics
Gender Male
Specialization Building, Sassing, Contests, Remodeling
Skills Remodeling, Judging, Being Gorgeous, Witchcraft
Favorite city My favorite city is not one of mine, it is MarbleZ city, Marbington, which ironically I am not a citizen of. hint hint cough cough
Join date October 20th, 2015
Personal info
Real name The 97th Reincarnation of Morriganna Athenar

Sunset Bastet

Location Land of Rays and Frogs
Birthday September 21st
Additional info I'm not bad, I'm just Pixelized that way that way.

VirgoanSunset (the first incarnation of VirgoanSunset) originated as three seperate beings to the demon Lilith and the son of the Goddess of Darkness Morrighan, but when they turned three, a gigantic owl with bloodstone eyes swallowed them up, but their souls overpowered the owl and they transformed into a split being, Morriganna, for the darker hearted being; Sunset, for the lighter good natured being; and Bastet for the mentally unstable being. There was a problem though, VirgoanSunset went against the laws of nature so their souls weren't allowed to be absorbed into the lifestream, so whenever their body wore out they were reborn in a different body. The 97th reincarnation is different though, it is the first reincarnation to blend the forms together, the kind heart of Sunset, the cunning mind of Morriganna and the unpredictable tongue of Bastet. But each one fights for full control with Sunset being the dominant being, Morriganna the second most in control, and Bastet, the least dominant being. Blah Blah

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