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Reported sights of Zachary Quinoes


Zachary Quinoes is a thief, stealing many items for his personal gain, murderer if things go wriry and an imperonator, once having to impersonate Value to infiltrate the Great Origin Castle. He is of Small Build but agile and skilled with a sword. EVERY BOUNTY HUNTER,TAKE CARE OF FACING HIM.

Known Information before facing himEdit

Zachary Quinoes:

Age: 11

Height: Still Being Anlyzed

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Appearance: ZachCat891 usually wears a cat-coloured suit with a symbol of a Lawyer Cat on the Back. He also holds his hair down like the fictional character, Goku

Personality: From unknown sources, very ruthless when confronted but just a scared little boy when befriended.

Bounty: 100,000 Gold.

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