"This is the cringy page I wrote about myself when I was basically two."

-New zone115, BunnYCubiT, or angryjackbird

zone115 is a lousy loser.

But that does NOT mean he gives up! (he is pretty darn lazy, too!)

my story of laziness:

I first started 8bitmmo in early 2015 (atleast i think, too lazy to remember) with my account "zone115".

I then started completing the quests. I felt like i would never be good. But that was only until i found out about the zoo.

I did what you would do as a newbie, like go into the wilderness and try to build a house. But i would always fail. I felt like i could not be good until i met irondude. He is my best friend in 8bitmmo and he still is today... Maybe.

I stopped playing for a long time, then i forgot my password was linked to kongregate. I did not know this, so i created a alternate account called "Fuzzballs". On that account, i finally admitted that it was a alternate account and i begged the admins, (i think it was TheGreatOnion, aka tgo or funion) and i made a ticket, i got my account's password changed. Then i figured out that... Well i figured out that my account was linked to kongregate and i freaked out, so i did not mention it.

Warning: here comes the sad part! I eventually QUIT 8bitmmo. I thought i would never play again, but once i stopped playing i became bored. I went on kongregate and searched and searched for games that i would like. But i could not find any. I then got minecraft, i played multiplayer, but then i got this feeling... I thought that if i got onto 8bitmmo they would be happy to see me and i would not be as bored anymore. So i logged on for the first time in.... What? Like seventeen months? Well that is what it felt like. So anyway, i saw kjh787 and some other active players. I felt like it was a eternity since i saw them, and i just felt shy. I decided to say "Hello, guys!"... And they said hello back, leaning back into my chair imagining them just thinking about how lucky they were to see me. (cri cri sniffle cri cri) Well, i started a town called "blub island" because i got super lucky with a mystery box and got "water". I then got 40k for free (who wouldn't like that?? cause i almost got 80k for free but no, star tricked me >:( ) and i started my own official town, (also i didn't mention, but i also got 3D Glasses (use those to get early alpha access to 9bitmmo))) and fallen angel wings. (kool stuff) Well, i went insane on how bad my town was... Until i won a game and got a large owner box. I eventually started to get as many items as i can, feeling really REALLY confident. Turning out great; i decided to quit again, but i came back soon. I am really proud of Sim9 for doing nothing! Really! Its turned the game great! >:(

I could not have made it this far without you, irondude, and kjh, and every little bit of people and especially admins and moderators for helping out the new people. Thank you so much for helping me out along the way and i would not have loved this game as much as i do now without you guys. I can't say how much im thanking you guys. Really, all i can say is "THANK YOU!"

-zone115 (the lousy loser who loses every game in gamesville) 2016 Tuesday April 05.

<3 PS: I have a picture for you all, for thanks.

8bitmmo character
Also, i have donated (once, not recently) to show my support. Thank you.

Here is a tip about me: I like Chiptune, but i don't listen to it without headphones which my headphones broke because i chewed the wires like a cannibal, lol.


Thanks again, here are some fun facts you might want to know.

1: i love dubs

2: i love tgo

3: i ... kral

4: i love terr

5: i love iron

6: :p

7: i love the community

8: i love this wiki because you can edit anything you want (plz don't destroy my page.)

9: i love 8bitmmo

10: i love 9bitmmo even though i can't even play it because my video card hates it

11: too many fun facts. ill stop here :P :P

12: This is new, but i will just put it here regardless of number 11. I binge play Starbound, a game by Chucklefish.


I have been working on my-ish game called BWC! By the way, if you are wondering, BWC stands for Battle With Cards. Me and lukethesponge had no idea what to call it, so that is the story of the name. Lol!

If you want a preview of BWC, get lucky and meet me ingame. I am going to make (edit if there is one) a page about Minigames soon, stay tuned!

Good luck, also if you are interested, go to /tele BWC . It is currently a demo, and cards are now publicly viewable, as i am the co-owner, employer, and card creator of BWC. Good luck on all of your projects, Stay ZONIE! BwC HAS A SEQUEL COMING SOON!!!!!!! STAY VERY TUNED!